Was your last meeting totally useless?

Find out! Create an anonymous feedback form to send out to your meeting invitees to see what they think.

The survey is completely anonymous and the results are aggregated and randomized to maintain the privacy of your meeting attendees.

How do I get started?

Its simple! You create a new Meeting Review that will generate a randomized, untrackable URL that you can then send out to your meeting attendees. The attendees will then fill out a quick 2 minute survey and submit the results. You can then go to the Meeting Review Results page to see how you did. Simple as that.

What kind of questions does the survey ask?

The survey asks the following 13 simple questions:

  • Was the meeting accompanied by an agenda?
  • Was the agenda met?
  • Did the meeting take place at an appropriate time of day?
  • Was the meeting the appropriate length for the agenda?
  • Did the meeting start on time?
  • Did the meeting end on time?
  • Did the meeting generate good action items?
  • Did the meeting stay on topic?
  • Did you find use in this meeting?
  • Did you feel that it was necessary that you were in attendance?
  • Did you feel like you were free to contribute to the conversation?
  • How would you improve this meeting?
  • Anything else you would like to tell the meeting organizer?